Welcome to the 2nd International Scientific Conference

The 2nd International Scientific Conference (2nd ISC) continues the success of the previous conference, which has been attracted large number of delegates from universities worldwide. The 2nd ISC is organized by the Indonesian Students Association (PPI) of Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia in collaboration with the Indonesian Society for Knowledge and Human Development (INSIGHT).

The aim of the 2nd ISC is to serve as a forum for presentation, exchange and dissemination of ideas and recent findings among academicians, researchers and professionals. It also offers a place for them with cross?disciplinary interests to meet and interact with each other. Thereby, it promotes effective network to facilitate research collaboration. The conference theme “Facing the Future through Science: Unity within Diversity” will highlight on research topics that covers every disciplines in fulfilling the needs for facing the future.

The 2nd ISC comprises of two events namely:

– The 2nd International Conference on Advanced Science, Engineering and Information Technology (2nd ICASEIT)
– The 2nd International Conference on Social Science, Economics and Art (2nd ICSSEA)

The 2nd ICASEIT highlights the research topics that cover every discipline in science, engineering, and information technology whereas the 2nd ICSSEA areas especially focus on such disciplines as Social Sciences, Economics, Business Studies, Arts and Humanities. These two conferences are intended for all academicians, researchers, professionals and graduate students from not only the Asia-Pacific region but also from all over the world. The conference invites qualified state-of-art, original and unpublished research papers in all aspects of the above conference scopes from all students, academicians, researchers and professionals from various countries. The paper may contain theory and review, experiments, case studies and modelling as well as applications.

The 2nd ISC 2011 will be held in Bangi Putrajaya – Malaysia on 12-13 December 2011. The program includes opening and closing ceremony, plenary speech by the Republic of Indonesia National Education Minister, Prof. Dr. Ir. KH. Mohammad Nuh, DEA, keynote speech by the foremost reputable Indonesian scientist Prof. Dr. –Ing B. J. Habibie and parallel sessions.