Google RISE Awards

Oleh Firman Hidayat – 11 October 2012

Google melalui program Google RISE Awards menawarkan hibah bagi organisasi non-profit yang memberi kontribusi dan inspirasi bagi siswa sekolah di bidang Sains, Teknologi, Teknik, Matematika, dan Ilmu komputer khususnya melalui program ekstra kurikuler. Hibah ini senilai $ 5.000 sampai dengan $ 25.000. Aplikasi untuk program 2013 ini diterima sampai tanggal 31 Oktober 2012.

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Welcome, Future RISE Community!

Google RISE Awards

Dear RISE Community,

Every year the Google RISE Team is inspired by the work you do to impact students through creative and engaging STEM initiatives. We are excited to bring together another amazing group of organizations for the 2013 Awards. Google RISE – Roots in Science and Engineering – Awards are designed to promote and support Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics (STEM) and Computer Science (CS) education initiatives. We grant awards to organizations working with K-12 (primary & secondary schools) and university students to provide enrichment programs in these fields.

Google believes that technology will continue to play an important role in shaping our future, and the youth of today will help innovate and drive these technologies for years to come. We hope that all students will one day have the chance to reach their potential and achieve great things in science. To that end, we aspire to help students take one step closer to achieving their potential by offering organizational growth and development opportunities through the Google RISE Awards.

Award amounts range from $5,000 – $25,000 USD.

We look forward to hearing about the amazing work you do!
Google RISE Team

students involved in science and engineering

RISE is a word that we like to toss around a lot here, and it’s not just because we were the recipients of their generous grant. We’re a team of high school students trying to build a robot [and RISE allowed] us to buy the raw material needed for our aspiring engineers to step up and be brilliant, to rise above the commonplace to create something truly inspiring.” — Team Captain, NOHOROBO