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New Zealand-ASEAN Scholars Awards: Indonesia

Open to eligible candidates from the public, private and civil society sectors.
The New Zealand-ASEAN Scholars Awards seek to empower individuals with the knowledge, skills and qualifications to contribute to sustainable economic, social and political development within ASEAN nations.


The New Zealand-ASEAN Scholars Awards seek to make a substantial contribution to the ASEAN region’s development by providing opportunities for postgraduate study (i.e. Postgraduate Diploma, Master’s degree and doctorate/PhD) in New Zealand.

The New Zealand-ASEAN Scholars Awards (NZ-AS) are part of the New Zealand’s official development assistance to the ASEAN region. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade (MFAT), through the New Zealand Aid Programme, delivers this scholarship scheme.

Under the NZ-AS scheme, from total of 182 scholarships to candidates from ASEAN countries, up to 50 scholarships per annum are available for Indonesian applicants. The scholarships are for full time study (see the “Scholarships Benefits’ in the below attached “Country profile” document) at one of the nine eligible New Zealand Institutions (see the list under ‘Where Can You Study’ also in the below attached “Country profile” document).

Who can apply

People who meet the following profile may apply for the NZ-AS scholarships:

The New Zealand Aid Programme welcomes applicants from Indonesia who can demonstrate leadership qualities or potential for future leadership and academic excellence from the public and private sectors including: From civil society, university lecturers, development-focused organisations and charitable foundations. There is also available a special allocation (total of 2 awards) for people working for the ASEAN Secretariat, (see ‘Target Candidates’ below).

All candidates should demonstrate how their proposed course of study will contribute to Indonesia’s overall development strategies. The NZ-AS will in particular prioritise those whose fields of study closely align to Indonesia’s sustainable economic development objectives, especially in the areas of agriculture, renewable energy, (especially geothermal energy) and disaster risk management.

NZ-AS candidates will be preferably under 40 years of age at the time of application for Masters and under 45 years of age at the time of application for PhD. Those with work experiences in a field relevant to their intended course of postgraduate study, and can demonstrate a connection between their previous field of study and their intended field of postgraduate study.

Applicants must also meet the ‘General Eligibility Criteria’ outlined below and in the NZ-AS Indonesia Country Profile, (attached below).

Targeted Candidates

While anyone is welcome to apply, the NZ-AS may prioritise those who intend to study in areas aligned to the New Zealand Aid Programme Country Strategy 2012-2016 key thematic areas:

  1. Geographic area: Individuals from Eastern Indonesia (West Nusa Tenggara, East Nusa Tenggara, Maluku, North Maluku, Papua and West Papua). Eastern Indonesia is a geographic area of focus in New Zealand’s bilateral development programme in recognition of the complexity of the development challenges faced within these sub-regions compared to most other parts of the archipelago. The New Zealand Aid Programme has had a longstanding association with Eastern Indonesia and we believe it is important to continue that commitment through developing human capital needs so the sub-region can progress and make the most of the opportunities that exist in these provinces for development.
  2. Government departments: Individuals from the Ministries of Agriculture, Forestry, Mineral Resources and Energy, and Marine Resources and Fisheries (including relevant research institutions under those Ministries); Environment; Tourism; Education; Foreign Affairs; National Police; National Agency for Planning and Development; Ministry of Defence (civilian officials); and National Agency for Disaster Management.

Application dates

22 April 2013 – Closing date for applications to be submitted to PTAN

Application Form (attached below).

Contact for further information

Managing Service Contractor for New Zealand ASEAN Scholar Awards in Indonesia:

PT. Austraining Nusantara (PTAN)
PO Box 1808
JKP 10018
Tel: 021 5292 0810
Fax: 021-5292 0818

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